The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs

Who We Are 

Founded in 1976, the Canadian Corps of Voyageurs is a re-enactment group consisting of men and women who interpret different units involved in military conflict in North America during the early 1800s, specifically voyageur militia and redcoat infantry.  We depict period family life as well as domestic and craft skills of the period. Our goal is inform the public about life from 200 years ago as well as provide ongoing opportunities for our group members to learn requisite heritage skills and interact with the public.  

Our Stage

Fort William Historical Park has been our home since our inception.  What more could you want as a re-enactor than a fort as huge and wide-ranging as Fort William to play in?  As part of our interpretive activities there, we depict soldierly skills including drilling, musketry and artillery as well as everyday life skills of the time period.

Beyond Fort William

Beyond Fort William, the Corps has travelled to southern Ontario, Lower Fort Garry in Winnipeg and Grand Portage and Pine City, Minnesota and other locations in the United States for different re-enacting events, whenever personal time and budgetary considerations allow.

Local Colour Guard

They also participates as honour guard in many local events in Thunder Bay, providing heritage colour and firing salutes to commence races, golf tournaments and charity events, including the Heart of the Harbour, the Blessing of the Fleet, and Sibley Ski Tournament. 


Our dues are $20.00 a year. Members must furnish themselves with all items, such as uniform, tent, musket etc. New recruits do receive some assistance with clothing. We participate in events for the re-enacting experience and to raise funds.  To fire a musket or cannon, you must be 18 years of age and trained in blackpowder use.  Take the King’s shilling and be part of bringing history alive!

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