Audio Transcript DTAO Grand Opening Video

DTAO Grand Opening Video Transcript

*Star Wars theme music.*

In Darth Vader Voice: This incessant searching of the night sky and mapping of the stars has annoyed me long enough. You have left me no choice but to conclude that your use of the grand "astronomical observatory" has revealed to you the location of my Death Star. Bring me the Jedi, bring me Obi-Won-Buonocore.
During your little address my spies have learned that there are others among the audience that have been sent forth by the master of the alliance. Seize the Jedi known as Gravelle.
Bring forth the president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Thunder Bay Chapter, Mr. Brandon Roy. Your spying into deep space and the discovery of my Death Star must still be punished. You and your alliance will pay the price! Obi-wan-Buonocore step forward to receive my punishment and my wrath.

Sergio: Lord Vader, I cannot allow you to hurt these innocent people; their only crime is the passion that they have for the stars. I challenge you, and you alone, to a dual!

Darth Vader: I accept your challenge. You can try to defeat me and if you can the galaxy shall be yours.

Sergio: Do or do not, there is no try Darth Vader.

Darth Vader: Do your worst [cackles], you shall never defeat me.

*light saber noises*

Bystander: Sergio won.

Sergio: Take your reign of terror and leave this place. It had ended forever. I call on my Jedi brothers to take you and the Storm Troopers into custody. We have not only defeated the Dark Lord but we have established the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory as the champion of science and goodwill throughout the galaxy. It is with great pleasure that I now declare the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory officially open! Let the celebrations begin! May the Fort be with you!