The David Thompson Astronomical Observatory

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Your pathway to the stars!

Man’s fascination with space and the stars above has endured throughout the ages. From Copernicus, Galileo, and Sir Isaac Newton, to Edmund Halley and Edwin Hubble, to Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, Humankind’s curiosity with What Lies Beyond is as boundless as deep space itself.

Named after one of Canada’s greatest explorers and cartographers, The David Thompson Astronomical Observatory at Fort William Historical Park is your handy portal to a wondrous world of galaxies, nebulas, comets, meteors, and other celestial bodies not commonly seen every day.

From daily solar viewings to evening Star Walks to overnight adventures to lively scientific debates and sci-fi films to special catered evening engagements, the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory offers numerous exciting opportunities to enjoy and access the mysterious Universe.

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Download the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory Experience Guide to discover the new and exciting programs that our state-of-the-art astronomy centre has to offer!

Highlights from the DTAO Grand Opening!

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  • Thursday June 8, 2017
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