Overnight Adventures

Group sitting around fire in wigwam

1PM - 12 Noon the following Day -  Available Year Round

Immerse your students in the days and nights of Fort William in 1816 by living the life of the fur traders. Paddle voyageur canoes, work on the farm, create a heritage item with skilled tradesmen, cook over an open fire, play traditional games and discover life in a wigwam.

For three decades Fort William Historical Park has been offering exceptional Overnight Adventures every season of the year. Through active participation and costumed role-playing, students develop an appreciation of the cultures and peoples that they meet, from the First Nation peoples on the shores of Lake Superior to the French Canadian voyageurs and Scottish merchants that drove the fur trade forward.

Overnight Adventures are designed for Grades 6 to 12 and meet curriculum requirements across disciplines. Choose a one-night themed package such as the Overnight Voyageur Program (Voyageur Theme), Sleeping Under Bark (Aboriginal Theme) or Winter Overnight Adventure. To combine themes choose a Time Travelers Program over three days and two nights. We can also customize a program for your group.

One Night - $60/student - $30/adult (minimum 15 participants)

Two Nights - $110/student - $55/adult (minimum 15 participants)

Fees are inclusive of:

  • choice of accommodation in one of our modernized heritage buildings with common room, showers and bunks; in the voyageur camp on the wharf (period tents); or in the Learning Wigwam
  • costumes for participants
  • historic meals
  • program activities
  • pre-visit manual for teachers
  • multi-media kit with lesson plans

Spark a lifelong enthusiasm for history! See sample itineraries below or call (807) 473-2344 for more information.

This trip was OUTSTANDING - the best field trip
I've had in my 20 years of teaching. The students
LOVED it! Fabulous staff, venue and food.

- Lakewood Public School, Kenora

The value of this type of activity is the hands-on approach,
and Fort William came through. The teachers and the
students came out with a better appreciation of aboriginal
peoples and culture. It was very active and the links
to the curriculum were clear.

- CDSC des Aurores Boréales

Overnight Voyageur Program 1 Night

pdf Sample Itinerary 

pdf Overnight Pre-Visit Package for Teachers 2011/12

Sleeping Under Bark 1 Night

pdf Sample Itinerary 

pdf Sleeping Under Bark pre-visit manual 2008

Time Travelers 2 Nights

pdf Sample Itinerary  

pdf Time Traveler Pre-Visit Package for Teachers 2011/12   

Winter Overnight Adventure 1 Night

pdf Sample Itinerary 

Eco-Wilderness Adventure Overnight 1 Night

pdf Sample Itinerary 

Leadership & Team Building Retreat 1 Night 

pdf Sample Itinerary

We can customize! Call today for more information or to book your Overnight  Adventure.

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