Day Camps

Day Camps
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Join us at Fort William Historical Park for our popular Summer Day Camps. Campers will have a fun and exciting experience with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. They will make new friends, learn new games and even get to wear some cool costumes. They will become young explorers as they travel back in time on the historic site, and have out-of-this-world adventures in outer space at the astronomical observatory! Additional information about Summer Day Camp programs is below.

Day camps run weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm.Drop-off and pick up is at the Visitor Centre. Drop-off: 8:30am-9:00am, Pick up: 4:30pm-5:00pm

For more information, call 807-473-2344, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit A Parent’s Guide to Camp.

Summer Day Camps

Join us for Fort William Historical Park’s Summer Day Camps! Our wide variety of fun and exciting themes will allow you to find the adventure that fits your camper, including exploring the great outdoors, time travelling to 1816, investigating the universe, and becoming a scientist, chef or inventor!

Voyageur Discovery Camp
Become a skilled fur trade voyageur with fun hands-on activities and days filled with adventure. (Ages 7-9)
Dates & Cost: July 2-5, $105 (4-days) / July 15-19, $135 (5-days) / Aug. 6-9, $105 (4-days)

Wilderness Survival Camp
Take on the wilderness and learn how to hunt, fish, canoe, identify plants, navigate using the sun, and more! (Ages 10-12)
Dates & Cost: July 2-5, $105 (4-days) / July 15-19, $145 (5-days) / July 29-Aug. 2, $145 (5-days)

Furs, Fangs & Footprints
Discover the furs, fangs and footprints of regional wildlife, farm animals, and extinct species like mammoths and dinosaurs!  (Ages 7-9)
Dates & Cost: July 8-12, $135 (5-days)

Life on the Farm
NEW! Cultivate your green-thumb and discover what it takes to tend Fort William’s farm. Learn how to care for the farm animals and help raise vegetables and herbs in the garden. (Ages 10-12)
Dates & Cost: July 8-12, $145 (5-days)

From Earth to Space
Become an interstellar explorer! Uncover the mysteries of the universe and learn about new planets, solar systems and galaxies, and discover the wonders of space science and technology. (Ages 7-9)
Dates & Cost: July 22-26, $135 (5-days)

From Space to Infinity
Take your space knowledge to infinity and beyond! Fuel your exploration of the universe and learn how space works from the inside out. Campers will also build robots and learn about parallel dimensions. (Ages 10-12)
Dates & Cost: July 22-26, $145 (5-days)

Fêté la Francophonie – Summer Day Camp
Join Fort William’s French-Canadian inhabitants for this French immersion day camp which celebrates Francophone culture, food, language, art and more. (Ages 7-12)
Dates & Cost: July 29-Aug.2, $145 (5-days)

Chemistry of Cooking
Make delicious dishes while learning how the chemical reactions in your recipes make the food you eat taste great! (Ages 10-12)
Dates & Cost: Aug. 6-9, $130 (4-days)

Moccasin Walk
Walk a mile in the shoes of Indigenous peoples. Join us in the wigwams to make delicious bannock and create birch bark baskets, find wild edibles and participate in a variety of traditional activities. (Ages 7-9)
Dates & Cost: Aug. 12-16, $145 (5-days)

Young Interpreter Program
Learn how to become an interpreter in this team building and skill development camp. Portray historical characters, interact with guests at Fort William, learn traditional skills, craft artisan items, and more! Join our expert interprets for an unforgettable 10-day adventure! (Ages 13-15)
Dates & Cost: Aug. 12-16 & Aug. 19-23, $220 (10-days)

Robots, Bricks & Toys
NEW! Calling all young designers and inventors! Join us for a week of innovation and creativity building robots, cars, miniature sets and more! Campers will use a variety of design tools including video games, computer software and virtual reality systems. (Ages 9-11)
Dates & Cost: Aug. 19-23, $145 (5-days)

End of Summer Celebration
Celebrate the end of the summer! Enjoy relay races, scavenger hunts, bonfire cook outs and more! (Ages 7-12)
Dates & Cost: Aug. 26-30, $135 (5-days)



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