The Buildings

Below is a list of the structures found at Fort William Historical Park. Click on any of the locations for more information.

To help you locate each of the buildings, you may view and print our map of the Fort. Each building is numbered and has a brief description of each building below the map itself.

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The Tinsmith's Shop

The majority of tinsmiths hired by the North West Company came from Montreal or its suburbs, particularly the fauxbourg St. Laurent. Most of these men were French Canadian.


Tailor's Shop

During the Rendezvous, the tailor made clothing for wintering partners from material chosen in the Little Shop. Throughout the year, he made clothing required for the fur trade, such as the chief's coats and capotes.


Cooper's Shop

The wooden cask, made with staves, two heads, and hoops that hold it firmly together is one of man's outstanding inventions. It is only slightly less important than the wheel in the history of human progress. It has served as an excellent multipurpose container throughout recorded history. The hand method of fabricating the cask has been basically the same for the past three thousand years.


The Carpenter's Shop

Besides constructing new buildings at Fort William, carpenters were needed to repair existing ones. Even under the best conditions, wooden structures require a lot of maintenance; Fort William's location on low, swampy ground meant that a full time carpenter was needed to keep up with building repairs.