Virtual Education Programs


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Fort William Historical Park's new Virtual Education Programs are now available for booking!


Below you will find descriptions, grade suitability, program length, and fees for our virtual education programs that will be offered. To make your reservation call (807) 473-2344 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Inaadiziwin (A Way of Life)

Learn about Anishinaabe life, including daily and seasonal routines and the contributions of Indigenous Peoples to the fur trade in this virtual experience! Participants will discover items including building materials such as spruce root and birch bark, technologies such as the birch bark canoe and snowshoe, and foods such as berries, wild rice and maple sugar. Participants will learn about trading practices and how the knowledge and technologies shared by Indigenous Peoples with Europeans helped expand the fur trade across the North American Interior.

Grade Suitability: Grades 4-6

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $120


Fur Trade Survival in the Boreal Forest

Learn survival skills inspired by Indigenous Peoples and the Europeans who worked and lived in the boreal forest during the fur trade era. Discover how they used their natural surroundings to build shelter, harvest food, keep warm, and navigate the vast wilderness.

Grade Suitability: Grades 7-12

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost$120


Cosmic Journeys

Our vast universe has been a guiding force for cultures and explorers for centuries. Anishinaabe culture and storytelling is greatly influenced by the natural cycles of our solar system, and fur trade navigators, such as David Thompson, used the sun, stars and celestial bodies to create maps that would shape the borders of North America. Participants will join the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory astronomers as they demonstrate how the marvels of the Earth, solar system and the unknown influence our lives.

Grade Suitability: Grades 1-6

Program Length: 1 hour

Program Cost: $120


Tracks, Skulls and Furs

Come learn about the various animals by examining their tracks, skulls and furs! In this virtual program, participants will learn what animals drove the fur trade and what their pelts were used for. We will also use clues from animal tracks and skulls to learn about prey versus predatory animals and specific animal diets within the food chain. Supplies will also be dropped off at the school for the class to make their own animal prints!

Grade Suitability: Grades JK-3

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $120 + craft fee/per student


Fur Trade Explorers

Step back in time and join one of Fort William’s inhabitants for an interactive virtual tour of the Fort. Learn the business of the North West Company and visit some of the interesting places that made Fort William the hinge of a global empire! Customized tours highlighting specific themes can be requested.

Grade Suitability: Grades JK - 3

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $120


COMING SOON: Indi-Genius

The Anishinaabe used many elements from the land to create tools for their survival and culture. In this virtual program, participants will discover some of the tools and technologies developed and used by Indigenous Peoples before European contact and learn the science behind creating these items. Participants will discover the many regionally available resources, engage in experiments including testing the tensile strength of natural cordage and manipulation of wood using heat and moisture, and learn about the uses of local sediments and minerals to create tools.

Program start date to be determined.

Grade Suitability: Grades 4 - 6

Program Length: 1 hour

Program Cost: $120