Our Role Today

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Fort William Historical Park is a direct branch of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The Fort follows the Ministry of Tourism and Culture's ‘visitor-first' philosophy and the strategic priorities set out in its Ontario Tourism Strategy to ensure that we provide visitors with outstanding cultural and educational experiences.  Fort William also plays an important role in stimulating Northwestern Ontario's economy. Click here to learn more about the Ministry of Tourism's Mandate and Values and how they guide the direction of the Fort. You may also contact us if you would like more information about Fort William Historical Park or the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Ministry Links will connect you to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture's web site and related links.

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The Ministry of Tourism supports delivery of high quality tourism experiences to Ontarians and visitors to Ontario. Promoting a sustainable, customer-focused tourism industry and a more physically active population help improve our quality of life, increase pride in our communities, and increase economic growth.

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Agencies & Attractions

The tourism agencies and attractions are located in every region of the province and are among the key reasons why people visit Ontario. Check the following Web sites to find out more about them.