Mandate & Values

Vision Statement

Fort William Historical Park will continually strengthen its economic impact upon Northwestern Ontario through its role as a unique, leading multi-component destination tourist attraction that exceeds customer expectations by providing outstanding cultural, recreational, entertainment and educational experiences.

As a major North American tourist attraction, FWHP serves as a historical, educational, leisure, and entertainment resource for the residents of Northwestern Ontario and visitors to our region. Fort William Historical Park seeks to advance Northwestern Ontario's competitive tourism advantage and enrich our community through our economic and cultural contributions.

Fort William Historical Park meets the priorities of Northwestern Ontario in tourism, economic growth, job creation, education, health, and the promotion of volunteerism. In addition, we promote our region as a year-round world-class travel destination and forge strategic alliances and partnerships with the private sector. Our visitor-first philosophy, excellent customer service standards, and unique tourism product have succeeded in encouraging travel to Northwestern Ontario and strengthening regional prosperity. FWHP's commitment to the Ontario Tourism Strategy is also demonstrated by our Vision Statement, Core Purposes, and Values which support and further the goals and principles of this long-term provincial policy.

FWHP has the following core purposes which are fundamental to its mandate:

  • Act as a significant regional economic catalyst through its role as a major North American tourist attraction, by developing effective partnerships and strategic alliances.
  • Operate one of North America's largest year-round indoor/outdoor cultural heritage attractions that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Contribute to the preservation and understanding of the important elements of Canada's cultural heritage for present and future generations.
  • Act as focus for regional destination tourism development.

Values of the FWHP Organization

Fort William Historical Park is highly dependent on its human resources. Our staff is critical to our day-to-day operations and overall product delivery. That is why Fort William Historical Park management and employees have embraced the following values to ensure that we remain a dynamic and vigorous organization:

  • Loyalty - Fort staff are a family
  • Integrity and respect among staff members
  • Ingenuity, creativity, and innovation
  • Contribution of Youth
  • Enjoyment and fun within the workplace - "Work Hard, Play Hard"
  • Diversity of complementary strengths within the staff
  • Strong customer service ethic - high levels of service and responsiveness, exceed customer expectations
  • Flexible work environment to meet customer needs and support high staff morale
  • Continual staff development and career motivations
  • Foster a healthy workplace environment
  • Honest and authentic depiction of history based on sound research
  • Multi-function capabilities and multiple skills development of staff and students
  • Ontario Disabilities Act compliance to accommodate employee and customer needs
  • Participatory approach to business planning
  • Public-private sector partnerships

Fort William Historical Park is proud of our contribution to Northwestern Ontario and the opportunity we offer visitors to experience Canada's rich heritage.