Boucher's House

Jean-Marie Boucher was a semi-independent trader operating a canteen for voyageurs outside the palisade. Voyageurs could buy liquor, tobacco and food of all kinds from Boucher without going inside the fort.  The terms of Boucher's 1814 contract with the Montreal agents of the North West Company make it clear that he was to sell food and drink to the voyageurs, and that he was not to engage in fur trading activity of any kind.  By his contract, Boucher was guaranteed a minimum of 2,000 livres a year (about double the wage of a Montreal guide), or one-third of the profits of his operation, the rest going to the Company.  He was also to make an accurate accounting of his year's venture with the agents each fall in Montreal.  For that reason, the company provided Boucher with a clerk to keep his records.

Since the Company supplied daily rations of only corn and grease to the voyageurs during the Rendezvous, they went to Boucher's House for better food.  But because they had to pay for these luxuries, much of the voyageurs' hard-earned wages found their way back to the company.