Karnival on the Kam Fireworks Video Transcript

Act One – “The Journey”

Music (Emotion/Description - Joyful ,evoking a sense of excitement and mystery)

00:00 to 00:28 Narration

We are not the first to stand on the shores of the Kaministiquia… beneath an open sky, with a sense of expectation.
We are not the first to dream of the future and wonder “what if…”
We stand at the center of a nation that stretches from the Atlantic, to the Pacific, to the frozen ocean.
We are part of a story that began many generations ago, here in the land of lakes and forests.
Our story began much like this. (Music etc.)

00:29 to 04:15 Fireworks

Act Two - “The First People”

Music (Emotion/Description - Pride, deep and dramatic to evoke a sense of pride)

04:16 to 05:02 Narration

Nanaboozhoo… The Sleeping Giant… Anemki-Wajiw… Thunder Mountain… Gichigami… the great water… A place of spiritual importance since time immemorial… Home of the Anishnawbe, stewards of the land.

“Earth our mother”… “Nim mama” she who gives life to all
The breath of life… the air
The moon and the water
The sun and the fire

These are the teachings on which the Anishnawbe people live their lives.
They welcomed newcomers from across the great water - offering peace, friendship, and their knowledge of the land, the plants, and the animals.
Working together for a better future. These are the first people.

05:03 to 11:37 Fireworks

Act Three - “The French Canadians”

Music (Emotion/Description - Excitement, fast paced and dramatic to evoke a feeling a playfulness and excitement)

11:38 to 12:00 Narration

The voyageurs… Canadien francais…
They left their homes in search of new lands and new opportunities.
Travelers from the east. From Montreal and other communities…
They learned the ways of the people they encountered, building friendships, making allies, and developing economic partnerships.
The river was their roadway.
The sound of the paddle combined with their voices to create a unique song that echoes across the rivers and lakes.
The first Europeans to reach the western shores of the great lakes and beyond.
Their story is one of exploration… and Adventure!

12:01 to 16:10 Fireworks

Act Four - “The Company of Adventurers”

Music (Emotion/Description - Confident , purposeful and confident and with intent)

16:11 to 16:31 Narration

McGillivray… McTavish… Fraser… McGill… and others.
A company of adventurers.
Many forced from the green fields of their own homeland they found a home here.
Scots who always carried a sense of pride for their lost highland homes.
Driven by a spirit of exploration they reached the western shores of the continent.
Their economic empire stretched from the St. Lawrence river to the Pacific coast and beyond. At the center of their enterprise lay… Fort William.

Act Five - “Preserving the Past While Building the Future

Music (Emotion/Description - Compelling ,evoking sense of pride and awe – high energy building)

19:47 to 20:20 Narration

”Now, as we look to the sky…
Let us remember those who walked upon this land before us…
May each of us carry in our hearts a sense of pride for what they were able to accomplish by working together to overcome adversity and fear of the unknown…
Let us be awed by their achievements…
And may their courage reside in our hearts…

20:21 to 22:49 Fireworks

22:50 to 23:00 Narration

Our story began many generations ago, and it is still being written.

We walk here together, holding this land in trust for future generations.
May the friendships that built this great country always endure, so that when the winds of time have cast aside all else, the spirit of Fort
William will forever remain!

23:01 to 24.47 Fireworks