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References to the Brown Program Book, 2007

Fur Trade Natural History 

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Join us for a hike through our local woodland and learn about life within it.  Discover how and why animals and plants can become extinct and learn how to protect them.

  • Key to the Living World: Wondrous Walks, Plant Life
Song & Dance

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Join us for a hand-clapping, toe-tapping good time at Fort William.  Experience the spirited traditional folk dances and songs of the fur trade.  Song sheets will be given to all participants to take home.

  • Key to the Arts: Share Your Talent for Dance
  • Key to the Arts: Canada Sings
Moccasin Walk

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Relax around a tranquil fire in a wigwam and try your hand at making fried bread.  Learn about the Anishnawbe way of life and similarities between people of all cultures.

  • Key to Camping: Cookout
  • Key to My Community: Aboriginal People in Canada
Snow Walkers

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Join us on a winter adventure at the Fort. Learn about the history of snowshoes in Canada and how they were used by Native peoples, then strap on a pair and go on a guided learning adventure through the winter trails. After learning to walk on snow and exploring the winter landscape, play a friendly game on snowshoes and then warm up with hot chocolate.

  • Key to Camping: Winter Outside
  • Key to My Community: Aboriginal People in Canada
  • Key to Active Living: Winter is Great!

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