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References to Cubs Program Guide 2006

Moccasin Walk

1.5 hrs. $6.00

Warm up around a cozy fire and learn about First Nation peoples who first lived in your area.  Participate in Ojibwa games, listen to legends generations old, and share in a song.

Badge Relevance:

  • Canadian Heritage #3
  • Aboriginal Awareness #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

Fur Trade Natural History

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Join us for a hike through our local woodland and learn about wildlife within it.  Discover how plants and animals depend on one another for life and how pollution affects our environment.

Badge Relevance:

  • Black Star Activities (A) #6, #8 (B) #1, #3
  • World Conservation Badge #2, #7


Cubs Discovery Day

2 hrs.  $6.00

Enjoy a winter hike on snowshoes through our forest.  Learn how to make a fire in frosty conditions and how to cook bannock on a stick.

Badge Relevance:

  • Winter Cubbing Badge #3, #5 (b,d,e)

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