Model Release

Fort William Historical Park has amassed an extensive photographic archive of visitors enjoying our festivals, participating in our education programs, and touring the Fort's heritage buildings. These images, and those of costumed staff carrying out historic activities, are sometimes used to promote the Fort and to encourage people to experience life at the world's largest reconstructed fur trade post.

picture of a large professional  cameraThe Fort is very careful to ensure that we have permission to reproduce images. Before using any easily identifiable representation of an individual for publicity or promotional purposes, we ask them to sign a model release form. This form authorizes the Fort to reproduce images in our marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you have been contacted to participate in a photo or video shoot at Fort William Historical Park, or are a participant in an event or day camp that requires a model release please follow the following links to obtain the required releases.

pdfPhoto Video Release

pdf Photo Video Release Minors (16 & Under)

We appreciate the support and cooperation of our visitors and FWHP staff in contributing to our photographic archive. If you would like more information about our model release form or have any questions about our publicity and promotion policies, please contact our Communications Officer.

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