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Voyageur playing fifeRollicking voyageur tunes, powerful Aboriginal chants, and haunting Scottish ballads reverberated throughout Fort William in the early 1800s reflecting its vibrant cultural mix. The Fort was most alive with music and song during the annual Great Rendezvous when fiddles, bondurans (native hand drum), bagpipes, and spoons were played to celebrate another successful year in the fur trade.

In addition to entertaining and amusing Fort inhabitants isolated in the middle of a vast wilderness, music had another important role in the fur trade – voyageurs used it as a tool to ensure proper teamwork. The simple rhythms of the songs sung by the voyageurs helped them keep time as they paddled on their long and gruelling journeys across lakes and rivers. The tempo of the music ensured that each man’s paddle hit the water in unison, allowing them to propel the canoe with greater ease and vigour.

Relive your trip to the Fort, or discover what awaits you, by downloading a sampling of traditional songs from our collection. You can also enjoy listening to audio clip stories of the compelling fur trade sagas that defined Fort William in the 1800s.

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Sound Clips:

Hudson Bay Company & The Fur Trade


En roulant ma boule



Tin Whistle Song



À la claire fontaine



C'est l'aviron qui nous mène



Traditional Flute Song


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