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The David Thompson Astronomical Observatory (DTAO) is powered by one of the largest publicly available telescopes in central Canada. Our 20” Dall-Kirkham (CDK) Telescope provides views of the Universe that are created by the power of this telescope and the unique location of Fort William Historical Park. Located within a low valley, it allows for excellent viewing, dark skies and protection from local light pollution.

The DTAO is home to the largest telescope in Central Canada!

The DTAO’s most powerful telescope contains an optical system designed to provide excellent imaging, capable of fulfilling the needs of both the serious astronomer and casual observer. This large mirror can bring into sharp focus a variety of celestial bodies including galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, and planets, providing accurate details for ease of classification, observation, and data collection. This is one of the largest publicly accessible telescopes in Central Canada.

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Corrected Dall Kirkham Telescope
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