Are you interested in learning more about the history of Fort William and the North American fur trade? This list is a useful resource for anyone requiring detailed information. Explore selected topics or gain a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating period in North American history with this convenient research tool. Happy reading!

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Black, Arthur. Old Fort William: Not the definitive, authorised, shrink-proof, cling-free story... Illustrations by Greg Zelinski. Thunder Bay: Old Fort William Volunteer Association, 1985
A whimsical, accurate account of the Reconstructed Fort.

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Campbell, Susan. Fort William: Living and Working at the Post. Fort William Archaeological Project, 1976. The Fort's daily life and culture before and after 1821.

Cloutier, Jean-Pierre. Fort William: Food-Related Artifacts. Fort William Archaeological Project, 1976. An analysis of the flora and fauna remains as well as the artifacts related to cooking and eating found at the Site of the Original Fort William.

Durnford, Hugh, ed. Heritage of Canada. The Reader's Association (Canada) Ltd., 1978.
Includes "Shrewd Scottish Peddlers & Tireless Voyageurs", as well as many photographs of Old Fort William.

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pp. 16-19.

Young, Gregg A. "The Organization of the Transfer of Furs at Fort William: A Study in Historical Geography". Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society - Papers and Records, 1974.

*All above references are housed in the Library of Fort William Historical Park.