Mr. Taitt's House

This was the residence of James Taitt, North West Company clerk and general foreman at Fort William from 1804 to 1821. He had a wife and child who shared the dwelling with him for at least some of this time. Mr. Taitt's House also had rooms for guests, both voluntary and otherwise. The occasional gentleman under house arrest stayed there and gentlemen from inland posts stayed at Taitt's House during the Rendezvous. It is also possible that interpreters or traders attached to Fort William itself lived in his house between trips to nearby posts.

Although classified as a clerk, Taitt was really the superintendent of such activities as construction, building maintenance, farming, fishing and general labour. As such, he was the general foreman of tradesmen, common engagés, Free Canadians, and Native labourers employed at Fort William. He also acted as gaoler for gentlemen under house arrest and for "common" people placed in the Gaol, and assisted the proprietor in the conduct of the local fur trade during the winter. In the Public Archives of Canada are records of his meteorological reports made at Fort William.