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Group of Visitors Ice Climbing in Snow and ice at edge of an ice wallThunder Bay and the surrounding region have a wide variety of events and festivals happening throughout the year. The region has much to offer, most of which can be attended within a three or four hour drive.

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NOSTA Events & Festivals Guide    

City of Thunder Bay Events Guide

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Thunder Bay and the region are an angler's paradise. Whether it's trophy walleye, northerners or trout our clear cool lakes attract fishing enthusiasts from around the world. Choose the fishing experience of your liking - from a day trip to a nearby wilderness lake, to a fly-in up north, or a salmon fishing charter on Lake Superior - there is something for everyone.

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Ministry of Natural Resources


Wherever you are in Thunder Bay, the perfect wilderness experience is just minutes away. Glide over sparkling lakes in your canoe, hike a mountain trail or sleep under the stars. Even within city limits, you can enjoy over 4,000 acres of parkland, and there are many conservation areas nearby to whet the appetite of any eco-tourist. Our vast unspoiled wilderness is there to enjoy all year long.

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Ontario Parks

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