Travel Times

car driving fast on highwayDrive times (in hours at posted speed limits) from Thunder Bay to:

United States   
Grand Portage, MN   30 min. 
Duluth, MN  3 hrs. & 30 min. 
Minneapolis, MN  6 hrs. & 30 min.
Milwaukee, WI 12 hrs. & 30 min. 
Chicago, IL  14 hrs. 
Cleveland, OH 19 hrs. & 15 min. 
New York, NY 29 hrs. 
Rochester, NY 22 hrs. 


Niagra Falls, ON  20 hrs. 
Ottawa, ON  20 hrs. & 30 min. 
Sault Ste. Marie, ON   9 hrs. & 30 min. 
Toronto, ON  18 hrs. & 30 min. 
Winnipeg, MB   7 hrs. & 30 min.


Our Region   
Armstrong, ON  2 hrs. & 45 min. 
Atikokan, ON  2 hrs. 
Geraldton, ON 4 hrs. & 30 min.
Kakabeka Falls, ON  30 min.
Longlac, ON 3 hrs. & 30 min.
Manitouwadge, ON 4 hrs. & 15 min. 
Marathon, ON 3 hrs. & 15 min.
Nipigon, ON 1 hr. & 15 min. 
Pigeon River, ON 30 min.
Terrace Bay, ON  2 hrs. & 15 min. 
Upsala, ON 1 hr. & 30 min. 
Wawa, ON 5 hrs. & 15 min. 
White River, ON  4 hrs. & 15 min. 













GPS Coordinates

Our GPS co-ordinates are as follows:

GPS Set up information

1.Position Format  UTM/UPS 
2.Map Datum  WGS 84 
3.Units METRIC 
4.North Reference  TRUE

Fort William Historical Park

Grid Zone Designation  16U        
0325590 E 
5357955 N

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Where We Are

Car driving down highwayFort William Historical Park is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, a convenient point on the Lake Superior Circle Tour Route and at the North end of one of North America's most scenic drives as rated by AAA. Thunder Bay is at the head of Lake Superior just 35 minutes from the Minnesota border crossing at Pigeon River, enjoy the rugged beauty and the northern charm of communities tucked into the shore of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake on earth!

For assistance in planning your journey to Fort William, please refer to the following links:

Travel Times 

GPS Coordinates

Travel Maps

If you would like to learn more about Thunder Bay and the surrounding area, look throughout the Visit Us section of our site. Inside you'll find information on the Thunder Bay area, maps to make your trip easier, and even some information on the Thunder Bay International Airport and border crossing assistance.

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