Experience Fur Trade Life at Fort William in 1816 Through the Eyes of a Fort Inhabitant


Travel back in time to 1816, to a place where the buildings, artifacts, characters, and our natural surroundings combine to create a unique 19th century destination. Follow the picturesque nature trail to the Fort and step into the past.

Tours, dramas, and demonstrations along with themed weekends, festivals, feasts, and concerts throughout the year are held at the Fort. Artisan demonstrations such as canoe building, blacksmithing, tinsmithing, period firearm assembly and demonstrations, coopering, and tailoring, as well as "domestic" demonstrations including period baking, food preparation and tasting! All of which are sure to entice and fascinate you on your journey to the past at Fort William Historical Park.

Once you reach the historic site, you will experience life as it was at Fort William, the inland headquarters of the North West Company. A costumed character will greet and introduce you into the exciting world of the Fort. You will experience the days of Fort William in 1816 and learn the life of the fur traders by becoming part of it!

Visit the Ojibwa wigwam in our Native Encampment, then venture inside the palisade to see real birch bark canoes in our Canoe Shed. Visit the farm where Madame Masta could always use an extra hand, and enjoy a tasty homemade treat in the house of the Fort proprietor. You can also visit the McLoughlin's to get a fascinating comparison of Aboriginal and European medicines. And no visit to Fort William would be complete without climbing the Observatory Tower and gazing upon the impressive headquarters of the North West Company, the largest fur trade post in the world!

Jump into the past with a trip to the Shops where you can try on the latest apparel from the fur trade. You can also challenge a friend to a game of lacrosse or visit to Mrs. Taitt's house - perhaps she can be persuaded to tell you a story. But keep an eye out for Mr. Taitt, Fort William's jailor, or you could be put under arrest!