The Voyageur Encampment

All voyageurs, except the guides and interpreters, ate and slept outside the palisade. To the east of the Fort was the encampment of the Montrealers or pork-eaters; while to the west was that of the Winterers.

As on the voyage, Montrealers and Winterers alike had little shelter beyond their overturned canoes, blankets, perhaps a lean-to of their own making, and sometimes a "leathern" tent made of buffalo hide. Gabriel Franchère, who visited Fort William in 1814, made this observation of the encampments:

"It is surprising to see the difference between the two camps, which contain three to four hundred men each. That of the Mangeurs de Lard is always filthy, whereas the utmost cleanliness reigns in that of the wintering engagés."