Audio Transcript Wedding Descriptive Video

Wedding Descriptive Video Transcript

[soft piano music playing]

Close up on the hands of a married couple.

Photos of Fort William Historical Park's Bride's Room with seating area, full length mirrors, and two separate vanities. Brides are shown getting ready.

A wedding hosted at Fort William Historical Park's North Canoe Shed, located on the historic site.

A bride is shown throwing her bouquet.

Pictures of a wedding reception hosted at Fort William Historical Park's McGillivray's Landing, located in the Visitor Centre.

Fort William Historical Park's sign displays, "Congratulations Justin & Lisa."

A wedding ceremony by the pond outside of the Visitor Centre.

The pond's two fountains are illuminated. Behind the pond the Visitor Centre is illuminated.
Various different weddings hosted at Fort William Historical Park's McGillivray's Landing are shown.

A wedding with purple and pink accents.

[piano music finishes; soft wind instrument music begins]

An autumn themed wedding is shown.

A wedding with gold accents.

A wedding gift is set on a plate with the message, "Sending Smore Love" attached.

An entrée of grilled chicken and asparagus on a bed of rice.

An outside, front view of the Visitor Centre with trees framing the entrance.

A daytime view of the pond and Visitor Centre.

Close-up on a bride and groom embracing, holding their wedding bouquet.