At Fort William Historical Park, your opinion matters!

Large crowd at a concertFort William Historical Park takes the views and opinions of its visitors very seriously. Your suggestions are used to improve our special events and historic programming as well as to create new programs. Surveys are one of the primary tools that the Fort employs to gather and evaluate the comments of our guests.

If you have visited the Fort for a special event, a trip to our heritage site, or other programming, we would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out the appropriate survey. All information collected from our surveys is completely confidential and will be used solely to develop our products and services.

Thank you for helping the Fort achieve its objective of continually enriching the heritage, entertainment, and educational experiences we offer our visitors.  

As well as our survey forms, we also have an on-line comment section where you can express your opinions about your experiences at Fort William Historical Park. All comments are held confidential.

To learn more about Fort William Historical Park's use of your online comments and information please consult our internet Privacy Policy.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Fort, please take a moment to share your opinions by filling out the appropriate feedback form.

If you attended the 2018 Voyageur Winter Carnival event please complete this form: Voyageur Winter Carnival 2018

If you have recently been on a self-guided or guided tour of the historic site please complete this feedback form: 2017 Historic Site Tours

If you attended the 2017 Anishnawbe Keeshigun Festival please complete this form: Anishnawbe Keeshigun 2017

If you attended the 2017 Canada Day event please complete this form: Canada Day 2017

If you attended the 2017 Karnival on the Kam Festival please complete this form: Karnival on the Kam 2017

If you attended the 2017 Battle of Fort William event please complete this form: Battle of Fort William 2017

If you attended the 2017 Haunted Fort Night event please complete this form: Haunted Fort Night 2017

If you attended the 2017 Ignite the Fort event please complete this form: Ignite the Fort

If you have recently visited the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory please complete this feedback form: David Thompson Astronomical Observatory  

If you have recently experienced an education program at the Fort please complete this feedback form: Education Programs

If you have recently experienced an overnight program at the Fort please complete this feedback form: Overnight Programs

If you have recently stayed at our campground please complete this feedback form: Campground Visitors

Please direct comments and feedback via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you again at Fort William Historical Park!

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