Canada Day

July 1, 2024

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Remember, learn and engage this Canada Day at Fort William Historical Park. Explore the Anishinaabe Encampment and Fort William for a day filled with family-friendly activities to learn about and celebrate our nation’s diverse heritage.

True North Treasures: Exploring our Natural History

A gallery celebrating the natural history and beauty of the land we call home. Delve into an array of maps, from topographic marvels to cultural heritage river systems, pre-contact linguistic landscapes, and more.

The History of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup making is a process that brings family, friends, and even strangers together. Learn from the experts and discover the history of Canada’s sweetest export.

Botany Bonanza

Dive into the world of plants! Examine fresh specimens and herbarium samples to learn how plants live, work, and grow. 

Wood Carving

Thunder Bay Carvers members enjoy carving a wide variety of subjects such as comfort birds, caricatures, animals, and gnomes. They recently restored hundreds of historically accurate carved elements on the 115-year-old carousel in Chippewa Park. Find them carving and selling wooden animals in the Provisions. Cash only.

Hands-on Activities

Dress up like it's 1815!

Step back in time and dive into the fascinating world of early 19th century fashion with “Dress-up like it’s 1815”. Young visitors can immerse themselves in the styles of 1815 as they try on authentic replica clothing.

Axe Throwing (13+)

Try your hand at throwing a trade axe. Voyageurs and tradesmen spend their leisure time trying to best one another in this game of precision and skill.

Baggataway (Lacrosse)

Join us on the field for a fast-paced and exhilarating game that combines skill, agility, and teamwork.


Craft your own flag, moose headband, and Métis Dot Art animals.

Farming Fun

Meet our friendly animals at the Farm. Consider lending a hand, there’s always chores to be done.

Fire a Musket (13+)

Firearms were an important trade item in 1815. Learn the skills you’ll need to use a fur trade era musket to hunt for your food.

Paddle a Canoe

Explore the historic Kaministiquia River by canoe while voyageurs entertain you with songs and stories.


Churn and Learn

Witness the age-old tradition of turning fresh cream into golden butter. It’s a nostalgic experience that’s as educational as it is delicious.

Sheep Shearing

Watch as skilled shearers highlight the historical and traditional techniques, blending innovation and heritage.

Skills of the Anishinaabe

Experience how the Anishinaabe live in harmony with Nimaamaa Aki (Mother Earth). Learn about the transition and melding of different tools and technologies through trade.

Live Performances

The Betrothal (Drama)

A betrothal between cultural groups.

Songs of the Fur Trade

Join Fort William’s inhabitants as they celebrate by singing and dancing in the Main Square. 

Food and Drink

Food Samples

Try some manoomin (wild rice) at the Anishinaabe Encampment, stop by the bakery for freshly baked bread, and enjoy our refreshing strawberry drink and berry samples in the Historic Kitchen.

The Cantine Restaurant

Now catered by The Chanterelle, the Cantine offers a delicious assortment of meals and snacks. See the menu here.

Visitor Information

Admission Fees

  • Adult $12
  • Seniors (60+) $10
  • Students (13+ with student ID) $10
  • Youth (6 to 12) $10
  • Children (5 & under) Free

What to Bring

Weather-appropriate clothing, bug spray, sunscreen: This is an all-weather program and takes place indoors and outdoors.

Cash: There are no ATMs available on site.

Getting Here

Car: Fort William Historical Park is located at 1350 King Road, Thunder Bay. Parking is free.

Bicycle: Cyclists are welcome. Bike racks are available to use free of charge.

Thunder Bay Transit: Fort William Historical Park is accessible by the 4 Neebing bus route. Please visit the City of Thunder Bay Transit website for specific bus route information.

Boats & River Access: Boats cannot dock at events. There is no admissions entrance via the Kaministiquia River.
RVs: Camping is permitted at our campground with a reservation. RVs are not permitted in the parking lot for overnight stays.